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College Prep Math

April 23, 2021

College Preparatory Math Course (CPMC)


New contact information:

The CPC web page has been updated and includes contact information as well as links to all of the documents needed for ISD's to implement the course.

4th Math Credit

Yes, CPMC may count as a fourth math credit for foundations with an endorsement. The course is listed in Texas Adminstrative Code (TAC) subsection 74.13(e)(4).

Regarding the MOU

All four Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs) have signed an updated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which lowers students' required course average from 80 to 70 to earn a College Ready designation and be TSI exempt.

Local Education Agencies (LEAs) may submit a signed-updated MOU to, the ESC-2 contact who maintains a repository of signed MOUs.

Regarding the Fall 2019 Exam

The fall 2019 exam is complete and has been posted here.



Students who complete the CPMC and meet the guidelines set out in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be considered to be "College Ready" by any Institution of Higher Education in Region 1 or Region 2.

The CPMC is a full credit course designed for students in Grade 12 whose performance on an end-of course assessment instrument or coursework, a college entrance examination, or a Texas Success Initiative assessment instrument, indicate the student is not ready to perform entry-level college coursework.

To be eligible for CPMC participation, students must demonstrate successful completion of Algebra I, Geometry, one additional foundation mathematics credit and meet the passing standard on the Algebra I EOC. With principal approval, Grade 11 students who have met the above requirements may enroll in the CPMC.


View an FAQ document here. The AVATAR team has compiled answers to frequently asked questions in an FAQ document. The FAQ also includes a sample letter that campuses can send home with students are eligible for the course based on performance data.

The CPMC syllabus for 2020-2021 is available here.

View the complete list of course objectives here

View a suggested sequence of instruction for 2018-2019 here

View previously administered semester exams here.

The mandatory semester exams may be downloaded here.

Additional Information can be found at: Education to Employment Partners

Excerpts from the MOU

View the updated MOU and a list of participating LEAs here. Please note that this list includes only Region 2 LEAs who voluntarily reported an MOU to ESC-2. For LEAs not on the list of participants, the best way to determine  their College Prep MOU status is to contact them directly.

Course Description

College Preparatory Mathematics is a full credit course designed to be a full-year course that prepares students for success in entry-level college courses and/or success on the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment. College Preparatory Mathematics is a rigorous course that will include student learning outcomes and objectives in the following areas: Elementary Algebra and Functions, Intermediate Algebra and Functions, Geometry and Measurement; and Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability. Credit recovery options are not permitted for this course.

"College Ready" Designation

Students receiving a grade of at least 70 in the CPMC will be exempt from the TSI at any partnering institution for the period of 24 months after graduation. Successful completion of the course does not guarantee admission to partnering institutions of higher education.

Transcription of Credit

College readiness will be indicated on the high school transcript using the following course code:

College Preparatory Mathematics – CP111200 


Role of the AVATAR Team

The Academic Vertical Alignment Training and Renewal (AVATAR) team is a collaboration shared by Region 2 Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) that works to facilitate CPMC implementation. These efforts include:

  • reviewing the outcomes of semester exams,
  • updating the syllabus, and
  • updating the semester exams.

The AVATAR team invites interested Region 2 teachers of College Prep Math to attend meetings and contribute. Contact Jeff West or Janet Cunningham for further details.

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